This was my make-up for today!

This was my make-up for today!

Someone told me today that I looked Kim Kardashian like.


For the first time in forever♪ A princess Anna inspired look!

so if you haven’t really noticed, I am OBSESSED with Frozen! Although my favorite character is Elsa, you have to admit that Anna is pretty amazing too, hence the reason why I made this inspired look. So for this look, I went for a really natural spring look like hers so I went with browns on the eye shadow and a nice sugar plum lip. Now i am known for my exaggerated mascara so it was really hard for me to hold back and not let it go (no pun intended). This look is so cute and i just love it!!! 





and look at how cute this bow is!!! I got 2 for a dollar from Love In Couture

you can go check her out on instagram: @LoveInCouture

annnnnnd, you can now find me on instagram as well:@emilykm17

My friends went to Animate! Miami yesterday and I had the honor of doing their make up! Prepare yourselves for the return of the deer royalty and Ariel!




My friends looked fabulous and even made it on the Animate! Miami Facebook page! Go check out the photo and like the page and don’t forget to jump in for the next Animate! Miami event! 

New Year’s new look



Dont be afraid to go bold. Wear a dark shade of lipstick and go lighter on the eyes, make everyone want to give you a kiss t midnight

Once upon a December: Sleeping Beauty

Surprise! This is actually the look i wore yesterday on Christmas eve to both a family lunch and dinner, it transitions well from day to night so it’s a total winner in my books. So please enjoy my take on sleeping beauty!


and to give it more of that royal feel i added my studded headband that i bought at a store called “Beya” that specializes in accessories for really cheap prices. I think I actually got this headband for like $3.00. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER!Image


Once Upon a December: Belle Makeover

A tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast is an AMAZING Disney classic. I remember i even dressed up as Belle one Halloween when i was maybe in between the ages of 4-6 I cant really pin point exactly how old but it was around that time frame. It was a bit nostalgic being able to transform myself as Belle once again after so long. Now the make up i did here was a holiday rendition of the scene where Belle and Beast were dancing in the ballroom when Mrs. Pots starts singing Beauty and the Beast. You can pull this look with the red lip or without it to stick to the classic Belle look (use a sugar plum color instead), I just added the red for a bit of a pop.